1996      University of San Diego   San Diego, CA - Bachelor of Arts with honors, Visual Arts

1995      Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici   Florence, Italy



2004     Resident Artist, Bush Workshop   Lesheba and Johannesburg, South Africa

2002     South African Workshop of Cultural Interchange   Cape Town, South Africa

2001      Resident Artist with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky   Montagnana, Italy

1999      Resident Artist with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky   Montagnana, Italy

1996      Resident Artist with Rose Shakinovsky and Claire Gavronsky   Montagnana, Italy



2016     Sacrifice / Souvenir  solo exhibition Art Produce, San Diego, CA

2015     Sacrifice / Souvenir  solo exhibition presented by Hill Street Country Club @ Linksoul Lab, Oceanside, CA

2014     "Point of Departure" - Exploring Engagement, Hill Street Country Club / Oceanside Museum of Art. Oceanside, CA

2014     California Dreaming Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA

2014     Radical Archives  Asian American Pacific Gallery, NYU, New York, NY 2012 

2013     Carlsbad Biennial Juried ExhibitionSan Diego, CA USA

2012     Office of Blame Accountability  de Cordova Museum, Lincoln, MA

2012     Office of Blame Accountability  Trinity Church, Boston, MA

2012     Penumbra: An Ode to Oceanside in a Time of War  Oceanside Museum of Art, Oceanside, CA

2011      Birds + BeesGroup ExhibitionLinksoul LabOceanside, CA USA 

2011     Carlsbad Biennial Juried ExhibitionSan Diego, CA USA

2010     No Right To Assume Otherwise Buzzer Thirty, Queens, NY

2010     Soul of the GameLinksoul LabOceanside, CAUSA

2009    Soul of the GameAshworth GalleryNew York, NYUSA

2008     Mapping Reason  Group Exhibition. Sebastopol, CA USA

2007     Domestic Departures  Group Exhibition. Santa Ana, CA USA

2007     Through the Eyes of StrangersGroup Exhibition.  Chametka College, Salem, OR USA

2007     Carlsbad Biennial Juried Exhibition   San Diego, CA USA

2006     Don’t Believe Everything You Think…   Group Exhibition. Viva Gallery, Sebastopol, CA USA

2005     Insight   Group Exhibition. Claremont Graduate University Art Gallery, Los Angeles CA USA

2005     Towards the Feminine   Group Exhibition. Kava Lounge, San Diego CA USA

2005     Faces of the Fallen   Traveling show.  Starting in Los Angeles, CA USA

2005     Carlsbad Biennial   Juried Exhibition.  San Diego, CA USA        

2004     Engage!  Group Exhibition. Haley Michael Gallery. San Francisco, CA USA 

2003     Recent Work   Ramsden-Morrison Gallery. San Diego, CAUSA

2003     Translatability   Group Exhibition. New York, NY USA

2003     Scapes   Group Exhibition. Berliner Kunstprojekt, Berlin, Germany

2003     Translatability   Group Exhibition. Berliner Kunstprojekt,  Berlin, Germany

2001     EmergeNcY Art Show   Group Exhibition. New York, NY USA

2001     Recent Work   Ruby Wallflower Gallery, Laguna CA USA



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2014    James Irvine Foundation, Exploring Engagement Fund, Oceanside, CA